National Investigation Counsel founded by Linda Burwell in 2013, provides high level investigation and other services to law firms, in house counsel and insurers. Drawing on her 30 years of experience as a leader in the employment law field, Ms. Burwell assists clients to respond quickly and effectively to complaints of workplace misconduct, including harassment, discrimination, whistleblower retaliation, ethics violations and others with a prompt, focused investigation that will position the client to best respond to and defend against the claim. Being an independent consultant who no longer litigates and who has no ties to any law firm, Ms. Burwell is a valuable resource to her clients, many of whom are former competitors and / or adversaries. 


Workplace Investigations

Investigations focused on matters involving c-suite and high-level individuals. Retained/referred by national and regional employment law firms representing a wide variety of entities ranging from Fortune 100 Companies to small non profits, spanning international borders.



National Investigation Counsel provides the following advantages:

Prompt, efficient and expert attention; focused, disciplined and respectful witness interviews and thorough document review; timely investigations by gathering the facts, assessing the claims, effectively managing attorney/client privilege issues, and preserving outside counsel’s role in litigation; independent, objective approach and perspective, enhanced by rich employment law background and knowledge; working with client's attorney, can maintain attorney client privilege and work product protections; and protect employees from actual or perceived conflict of interest.