Linda Burwell works with law firms and panel counsel to design and conduct training to their clients who have been compelled by the EEOC to conduct such training.  Her training has been approved by the EEOC. Training by Linda Burwell has also been pre-approved for continuing legal education credits (CLEs) and continuing education credits (CEs) for lawyers, insurance adjusters and underwriters.  She can readily obtain CLEs, CEs and SPHR or PHR credits for customized training. 

She is often called upon to provide customized training to Law Firm partners, shareholders and attorneys, both as a group and one-to-one coaching sessions.

She has personally trained lawyers, managing partners and associates, managers, human resources directors, claims adjusters, underwriters and other insurance personnel, providing them with CLEs and CEs on a regular basis, and is one of few attorneys who has developed and conducted mandatory training required by EEOC Consent Orders for hundreds of managers.

 She brings her 30 years of experience and real case examples to:

  • Train law firms and lawyers, executives, managers and trainers;

  • Conduct one on one counseling sessions for partners and associates

  • Provide CLE, CE, SPHR and PHR training;

  • Develop and conduct mandatory management training to comply with EEOC Consent Decrees.

Below are representative Programs:

  • Investigations Boot Camp – an all-day training on workplace investigations

  • EEOC’s Recent Actions: How Will They Impact Your Investigations?

  • Sex and Gender in the Workplace In Light of the EEOC’s 2013 – 2016 Strategic Enforcement Plan: Developments and Trends in EEO Law.

  • Don’t Be Bullied by the EEOC: What to Expect After Receiving A Charge of Discrimination.

  • Litigating Against the Non-Traditional Plaintiff (The EEOC and the Pro Se Plaintiff).

  • Advanced Issues in FMLA.

  • Wage and Hour Boot Camp.

  • Understanding and Litigating Title VII Religion Cases: Tattoos, Body Piercings, Headwear.

  • ADA Accommodation and the Interactive Process

  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: Regulating Off Duty Activities.

  • Hey Get Outta My Face…Book: Emerging Theories of Liability Arising From Social Media in the Workplace.

  • Litigating Employment Claims in Michigan.

  • The Cyber World of EPLI Claims and Cyber Bullying.

  • Employee Handbook Hazards.

  • Employee Privacy in the Electronic Age and Identity Theft.