Workplace Investigations

Investigations focused on matters involving c-suite and high-level individuals. Retained/referred by national and regional employment law firms representing a wide variety of entities ranging from Fortune 100 Companies to small non profits  spanning international borders

Although Linda Burwell's practice is primarily focused upon investigations, from time to time law firms engage her for the following services:


Working with law firms and panel counsel to design and conduct training to their clients who have been compelled by the EEOC to conduct such training. READ MORE >


Assists law firms with their own employment matters, risk management, counseling and training. READ MORE >


Combining experience as an employment lawyer and Panel Counsel with personal and professional skills to quickly assess claims and creatively resolve employment disputes. READ MORE >


Personally working directly with in-house counsel and insurers, enhancing their ability to manage their cases by providing added points of contact and experience-based insight, resolving conflicting demands on schedules and decreasing travel time and costs. READ MORE >