Linda G. Burwell personally works directly with in-house counsel and insurers, enhancing their ability to manage their cases. She provides added points of contact and experience-based insight, making their jobs easier by resolving conflicting demands on their schedules and decreasing their travel time and costs. 


More courts are requiring company and / or insurance representatives to attend pre-discovery facilitations, mediations, settlement conferences and pre-trial conferences. Hiring Ms. Burwell to attend these conferences as their representative provides great value to in-house counsel and insurers, including:

  • Increasing the time available to spend on their workload;

  • Saving money not having to travel;

  • Providing an independent, knowledgeable and objective assessment and reporting of the case as if they were personally present; and

  • Offering an experienced and independent view on the company’s litigation counsel, opposing counsel, the witnesses, judge, experts, etc.


Trials are difficult to accurately schedule and often drag on longer than expected.  Rather than take the in-house counsel or claims counsel away from their normal responsibilities for days or weeks at a time, Ms. Burwell can attend any or all of the trial as their agent.  She fully understands the nuances of litigation and of the tripartiterelationship among the insured, insurer, and panel counsel if insurance is involved, and can provide a timely, knowledgeable, and practical report and assessment of each day’s events and assist in-house counsel or claims personnel in their analysis of the case.