Linda G. Burwell is an SCAO state and federal court approved general civil mediator.  She is a nationally recognized employment expert with over 30 years experience.

Ms. Burwell is effective in resolving complex and contentious matters. She also serves as an independent mediator for the EEOC.

She was trained early in her career by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service when she managed a Mediation and Arbitration Program for the Better Business Bureau and reviewed and evaluated mediation and arbitration programs for the Council of Better Business Bureaus and for General Motors.

She combines her experience as an employment lawyer and Panel Counsel with her personal and professional skills to quickly assess claims and creatively resolve employment disputes.  Her deep understanding of employment law, experience in nuances of litigation and her practical grasp of business considerations make her uniquely qualified to see the many facets of a dispute and assist the parties toward a satisfactory settlement.

She is available to mediate or facilitate employment disputes at any stage of the dispute.